About Us

Thus, a Village is created

The lotus flower is a well recognized symbol in yoga; it refers to a spiritual awakening growing in the murk, and mud, it represents the unconscious mind, and to remind ourselves that in this human experience there will be suffering, contrarily, the perfect blinding white flower that blooms to the surface is your potential to rise above the suffering. To rise above the deep mud, to bloom into the full expression of enlightenment, to your true unique purpose on this planet. The higher consciousness, self-awareness….

The Village, in my travels to Africa where meditation first took hold for me, I noticed not just a sense of freedom in long open grass savannahs, travelling for hours and days we would pass cities, towns, villages…

Those tiny villages were the most memorable, as the people always smiled as you came and left, they knew each other, watched over each other’s children- like they were family, and helped each other. Giving and caring for their village was EVERYONE’S responsibility, everyone had a welcome voice to inspire each other.

Care for your neighbour’s, connection and joy is the intention behind the Village mentality.

I have felt a village of family, neighbours, yogis and friends around me my whole life so it seems a natural fit. I hope to leave this legacy strong and present for my children, children are at the heart of this village.


Canadian owned and operated, Lotus Village Yoga keeps it local. From the supplies that built the studio, to the contractors, to the teachers and faculty, we are local operation that values community on every level. You support local children’s mindfulness programs and mental health programs for our community EVERY time you purchase a pass, bring a friend or attend a workshop. Family and friends are the culture at your locally loved studio.

Keep it Local at Lotus Village Yoga.

Our Studios

North Saanich Health and Wellness Center

The newest studio in the LVY village, recently constructed, was built with environmentally friendly materials and a local contractor and crew. All consideration was given to the surrounding natural eco system including all trees’ left standing on the property. Large timber wood features were milled from local fallen trees and any reusable wood was used to create garden boxes, benches, and a kids playhouse.

The choice of choosing energy efficiency over cost effectiveness was presented, the long term goal of reducing the environmental footprint of the yoga studio was tested. The choice, naturally, conserve our consumption and impact, the floor is heated by re-circulating hot water and a high efficiency heat pump was installed to regulate the ambient inside atmosphere. The windows are positioned to light up the studio with the morning sun and continue well into the afternoon.

Rain water is collected from the down spouts to water the “Village” garden; floors are a renewable soft cork material, left in their natural state without a chemical sealant. The studio boasts an outside patio, in which outside yoga is performed under the large Hemlock trees and natural Deep Cove vegetation.

The newest studio was built as a health and wellness center to follow and support the community’s empowerment in their health as we invite local health care practitioners, health educators and many new holistic options.

Terrace Mountain Side Studio

A small neighbourhood studio that the generous city of Terrace embraces as they continue their path to enlightenment. Plans to develop a new, stable, reliable and resourceful building are in the works. Stay tuned…

Join us, and roll out your mat!