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After-School Programs for Kids

FULL SERVICE OPTION – Child picked up from school, transportation & care provided.
$132/8 weeks or $76/month when you sign up for the school year

PROGRAM ONLY OPTION – Child arrives at Lotus Village at program start time.
$15/drop in or $100/8 weeks or $44/month when you sign up for the school year

  • Mondays  3:30-4:30pm Yoga Explorers
    Creative games, partner poses and relaxation practices. Children learn self-regulation and build self-confidence. Kids will enjoy fun movement games and regular relaxation practices.
    7-10 years old (starts September 10th)
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  • Tuesdays  3:45-4:45pm Yoga Girls Leadership Program
    Younger Girls gather weekly for the school year- cultivating a regular yoga practice, learning social intelligence and how to manage peers- empowering and confidence building. Growing into leaders in their community.
    7-10 years old (starts September 11th)
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  • Wednesdays  3:45-4:45pm Teen Yoga Girls Leadership Program
    A class about empowering teen girls to cultivate inner strength, health and resilience. Includes special tea time, yoga and breathing practices to reduce anxiety, learning to lead and connecting with a supportive leadership group.
    11-14 years old (starts September 5th)
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  • Thursdays  3:45-4:45pm Athlete’s Yoga Program
    Promoting self-confidence, dedication, awareness, flexibility and strength to prevent injury. Building a regular practice to assist in the love for their sport/activity and to reduce  anxiety.
    10- 14 years old (starts September 6th)
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