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Giving Back To The Community…


First Responders Stress Management Workshop

This free event hosted by Lotus Village Yoga teaches effective tools to manage stress and trauma inherent with first responder work

FREE ADMISSION – No Registration Required
December 5 – 7:00-8:30pm
North Saanich Fire Hall


Lotus Village Yoga is proud to sponsor and/or donate our time to the following community groups:

  • Peninsula Minor Baseball
  • Mindful Leaders Program at Deep Cove

  • Stelly’s High School: LVY donated to their Global Gala to support the building of a school in India.

  • Deep Cove School Christmas Fair: 4 years of donations including a year-long discount on a yoga practice in any chosen class along, a new mat, a children’s all day Winter Wonderland program pass and a beginners yoga package.

  • LVY donated 2 unlimited passes to St. John’s United Churches silent auction to help raise money for the community’s local church.

Community Service

Lotus Village Yoga is active in the community. Here’s some of the ways we’re involved:

  • We volunteered at an emergency shelter for Women in Terrace BC.  
  • We provided the space and teaching of Therapeutic and trauma informed Yoga  for Survivors of Abuse for First Nations Women.
  • We volunteered at Uplands Elementary to teach Yoga and Mindfulness, 
  • Tara was a presenter of Yoga and Mindfulness at a Volunteer camp for Youth at Risk Organized by Big Brothers and the RCMP (Summer 2013) 
  • We volunteered to teach Girl Guides of Canada – Brownie’s ages 7-9 years old learned yoga for the first time!
  • Tara offers Chair Yoga at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital. A comforting practice for residents in extended care and their families that is designed for dementia, stroke, Alzheimer’s. Average age 86-102.
  • We are sponsoring Peninsula Baseball (PBSA) and coaching the U12 softball team.

Mindfulness programs

  • With great support of the Deep Cove Elementary parents, staff, and PAC, Lotus Village Yoga is able to be the first to bring a regular Mindfulness practice to the students of Deep Cove Elementary.
  • Thank you To Stelly’s Secondary School for adding Our LVY  Mindfulness Program on a beginning scale to their school community.
  • In April 2017 we had an information session for Mindfulness at Kelset Elementary.

Children’s Program

All of the children’s yoga  programs at the studio include after-school care and a complimentary ride in the Lotus Village Truck for those who need it.

A giving Village

  • Community Movie Night was a great success and thanks to our students we were able to make a donation to our local Food Bank.
  • We had Summer fun with the kids at the Village’ with our Lemonade stand, and all the money donated to the World Wildlife Fund!
  •  Our gratitude to all our volunteers that welcomed our 1st annual First Responders Day – addressing Trauma and healing from PTSD.