FAQ, Etiquette & Things You Need to Know

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions as well are a general list of things you should know before coming to practice at our studio. We encourage all of our students to read the information on this page at least once. We will update this page with new information as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions at Lotus Village Yoga Studios

Below are a few frequently asked questions. Click on the question to see the answer.

1. Do I need anything to get started?

Sure! A yoga mat would be helpful, but we do have them for you to purchase if you don’t have one… so really for your 1st session just show up we will get you started!

2. Is Yoga a religion?

NO. Yoga supports your spiritual purpose, if that includes your religion or beliefs, your yoga practice strengthens those connections.

3. Can I wear socks?

Yoga is practiced to connect to the earth and ground through the feet therefore bare feet is the ideal way to feel this connection. Socks can be put on before practicing Savasana, or at the end of your practice.

4. Do you burn incense during yoga practice, any scented products involved in the studio?

No, our studio is a clear, fresh place; we ask our students to be mindful of perfumes and scented products being minimal. Even the cleaning of the studio is done with unscented natural products.

5. What if I'm going to be away, I will miss my practice this week?

As long as you let us know, we are happy to let you do a make-up in another session.  However, those make-up sessions must be done before the module ends, they do not carry over.

6. I have a few questions about yoga, when is the best time to ask?

During practice it’s important we honour every students experience,  be aware that talking during a yoga practice is disruptive. Questions are ALWAYS welcome at the end of a session; it really helps other students to learn as well.  However, if it’s of a personal nature, booking a private session to address your individual needs and make a practice around you is recommended.

7. I don't have a regular schedule so I can't register for a module; I still want to come what are my options?

You are welcome to drop-in if space is available (please arrive 10 minutes before your session begins,  get familiar with the teacher and any props that are required) or a less expensive option is a Flexi-punch pass that gives you freedom to try different practices, see what you like the best.

8. If I am coming after work, is there a place to get changed, store my personal effects?

We have a washroom you can change in, a place to hang your jacket, store your bag. Please leave your shoes outside the studio,  before stepping onto our natural cork floors and your cell phone must remain outside the studio. Begin your mindfulness practice as you arrive, leave personal belongings at home.

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Things You Need to Know

This section introduces various things you should know before beginning practicing. Be sure to read it at least once!

Health Considerations

  • There is no ‘PUSH’ in yoga, therefore meeting your body where it is in that moment and breathing into it is part of your mindfulness practice.
  • You MUST have your health care practitioners agreement to enter a practice, a written consent will be provided when requested.

Payment & Registration

  • Payment is due before the module begins, payment confirms your space is reserved.*
  • Registration/Punch Cards are non- transferrable.
  • Punch Cards are for regular weekly sessions, not useable for workshops.

Things to Know Before Your Class

  • Eye pillows- please purchase your own. We use them in every practice, we do have a few to try.
  • As there is no garbage can provided, please practice leaving as many belongings at home.
  • Payment for your session: Punch Cards, Drop-in or registered students WILL be done before the session begins.

When you come to the studio…

  • Refrain from cellular phones past the parking lot, they do not come in the studio.
  • Please be 5 minutes early for any practice – important instruction to set the practice is discussed, props are organized to add to additional support for your session.
  • Doors open 10 minutes before a session and close 5 minutes after, PRIVATE SESSIONS are always bookable.
  • No gum, perfumes or camera’s in the studio space.
  • Yoga is to be practiced connecting to the earth, grounding yourself through your feet,  bare feet BEFORE your practice begins.

Where to Get Yoga Supplies

  • We carry supplies from local, Vancouver Companies consciously. They are well-made & reasonably priced yoga products for you. You are welcome to purchase your own yoga mat when you arrive, or bring your own.
  • If you are ordering props, or products to support your practice, make arrangements for payment with Tara.

How to Respect Other Students

  • Avoid talking during your practice- other students are here for the discipline of yoga teachings, which include quiet and silence. Questions are always welcome at the end of a practice:)

  • Roll your yoga mat out quietly, your practice is sacred time, undisturbed.


  • Parking must be in the driveway, a lot is provided. PLEASE BACK IN and make room for others. Last student to arrive will be aware to leave first to help the flow of exiting the session.
  • Even better- carpool with a friend, ride your bike or walk over- make a plan with someone in your yoga session to come together!*

Private/Semi-Private Sessions

  • Private and Semi- Private Sessions are a great way to grow your personal practice.
    Couple, Mother/Daughter, Parent/Child, or 2 students who want to practice something they are both interested in,  payment is due in full before session, 24 hours notice is required for a cancellation and refund.

How to Keep Up To Date on The Latest News

  • Lotus Village’s Facebook page with daily updates – our Northern Village and LVY Oceanside can have ongoing discussion here.
  • News is posted on the front page of our website. Only a certain number of posts appear on the front page, so be sure to check the Latest News Page in case you missed anything.
  • Sign up for our Monthly newsletter to be the first to know about upcoming retreats, workshops and other events.

Children’s Programs

Here’s some frequently asked questions about our children’s programs.

How do I sign my child up?

  1. Go to our Weekly Class Schedule Page and find the week you want your child to attend. To see the themes for each week, check here: http://www.lotusvillageyoga.com/summer-arts-mindfulness/
  2. Hit the sign up button. This only appears on the first day of each week. If there is no room left on the first day, then there are no spots left for that week. If your child cannot attend a given day during the week they are signed up for, please contact Tara so she knows they will be absent.
  3. After hitting Sign Up, you will be brought to our Online Store. Select “Make a reservation for someone else”. Enter your child’s name, then hit Make a Single Reservation.
  4. You will then have to choose the pricing option. If this is the first (or only) child you will be signing up for the program, and this will be their first week in the program, select  the “First Child, One Week” option. If this is not the first child you are signing up for the program and it is their first week, select “Extra Child, One Week”. If your first child (First Child) or other children (Extra Child) will be attending multiple weeks, select the corresponding “Extra Week” option when signing them up for those weeks. (The first week is always the “X Child, One week” option).
  5. If you are done, you may check out.

When to arrive

Your child should be at the studio no earlier than 10 minutes before the program starts. We have other classes running in the mornings, and if they arrive earlier there will be no supervision available and you will prevent our adult students from leaving and making room for the children.

How to make an account, register for classes and more…