Mindfulness Programs

“Mindfulness is our ability to attend to the present moment, with curiosity and without judgment.”

– Sarah Ruddell Beach (http://leftbrainbuddha.com)

Why choose our Mindfulness Program

A certified and experienced teacher

Tara Logan
has taught Mindfulness in 3 school districts across BC, including 2 consecutive years at Deep Cove Elementary. She has presented Mindfulness Practices at an ECE conference in Northern BC and has taught mindfulness in women’s shelters to reduce trauma.

Mindfulness program objectives and benefits

  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Develop self-discipline and self-awareness
  • Enhance positive self-image
  • Reduce anxiety, worry and insomnia
  • Calm their minds and
  • Improve self-regulation, which assists in enhancing the learning process (selfregulation can be defined as the ability to stay calmly focused and alert)
  • Physically strengthen their bodies and balance brain functions

For more information on the benefits of Mindfulness, check out the Mindfulness Resources page.

What programs do you offer?

School Programs

  • 8 week Mindfulness Program for Students
  • Full Year Mindfulness Program for Students
  • Half Year Mindfulness Program for Students
  • 1 Day Mindfulness Introduction for administration and staff

Some of our school programs

All of our programs can be adapted to suit any developmental age group.


Parent Programs

We also offer workshops for parents! View the Parent & Child Mindfulness Retreat poster or sign up online.

Corporate Programs

Business and Corporate Mindfulness Programs are available as well, please inquire with specifics to your business by email at: lotusvillageyoga@gmail.com and we can customize a personal program for your needs.

What do students learn?

Students who participate in our mindfulness programs will learn and enjoy…

  • Mindfulness with the Senses
  • Mindful Practices with Breath
  • Physical Mindfulness through Movement
  • Mindfulness of Emotions
  • Mindfulness on Nurturing and Empathy
  • Mindfulness of Nature