Health & Wellness 8-Week Course

Do you want to improve your health but are you bored of hearing “get more sleep and take time to exercise”? This course is for you! Expand your comprehension of health and wellness as you learn something completely new each week accompanied by pragmatic approaches to implementing them in your daily life. This fall Lotus Village Yoga will be offering…

Mom & Baby/Prenatal Yoga Workshop

Restore your energy and connect with your little one in this mini workshop for pregnant moms, or moms and their pre-crawlers. Learn safe yoga poses suitable for pregnancy Rebuild strength & stability Develop relaxation techniques Make meaningful connections with your little one Build memories with other moms Wednesday, July 11, 2018 10:30-11:45am $30 Register here

Mindfulness for Parents

Enjoy practices to support yourself and your family.  Learn techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.  Discuss ways to develop a deeper connection with your child. Fridays 10:30-11:30am Register here

Chakra Series 2

Part 2 – Deepening part one – A longer, more creative Meditation on each chakra, group chanting with different mantra each week, and one pose specific to this chakra- minimal discussion, more practice with the visuals, balancing chakra’s and the famous partner’s chakra lesson. If you missed Part 1 Set up a private session to catch up. Wednesdays from May 2nd…

Restorative Yoga

An ancient and therapeutic mind-body yoga practice while reclined on your mat for the entire hour. The ideal practice for injury, recovery from illness and surgery as you direct your focus and attention to presence with in the body and breath. A state of conscious rest for deep relaxation with a guided meditation.