Yang to Yin
1-Day Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Saturday February 2, 2019

8:00am – 2:00pm

Start your day with a guided meditation and learn how to bring a regular meditation practice into your daily life to enjoy proven benefits of meditation.

Get moving! Includes Yang to Yin practice, a personally-chosen pose to work on and perfect, and work with a partner on specific poses.

Award-winning Toque Catering will provide a nourishing and delicious lunch!

Soft music and Yoga Nidra will help us digest and relax into the afternoon.

Enjoy a memorable walk in the Old Growth Forest while practising mindfulness. Learn the support nature can provide in your life.

A FULL day immersed in growing your yoga practice and inviting balanced energy. Keep your intentions going strong!

ON SALE! $99 +tax