“Mindfulness is our ability to attend to the present moment, with curiosity and without judgment.”

– Sarah Ruddell Beach

Expert Instruction

Why Choose our Mindfulness Programs?

Certifications & Experience

Not all Mindfulness Programs are created equal. Feel at ease booking with Lotus Village Yoga where certified and experienced instructor,Tara, teaches Mindfulness in 3 school districts. She has presented Mindfulness Practices at an ECE conference in Northern BC and has taught mindfulness in women’s shelters to help reduce trauma.

Mindfulness Program Options

Children in School


We offer several options for School Mindfulness Programs:

• Specific Mindfulness Program for in-school Students and Educators of all types.
• 8-week, Half-Year, or Full-Year
• 1 Day Mindfulness Introduction for administration and staff
• All of our programs can be adapted to suit any developmental age group.



• Learn techniques to reduce stress and anxiety and develop a deeper connection with your child.
• Parent/Child Workshops: Spend an afternoon learning a Mindfulness practice together with your child. Includes breathing games and mindful movement with relaxation and sound.

First Responders & Post-Traumatic Stress

Training courses specifically designed for police officers, firefighters, paramedics and people who are living with trauma. This helps them to be focused, engaged and less stressed in the middle of whatever they are doing.

Custom Corporate Programs

Business-oriented Mindfulness Programs are available and we can customize a personal program for your needs. In the workplace, this can help to build teamwork, enhance creativity & communication and resolve conflict.

what do students learn?

Students who participate in our mindfulness programs will learn and enjoy…

  • Mindfulness with the Senses
  • Mindful Practices with Breath
  • Physical Mindfulness through Movement
  • Mindfulness of Emotions
  • Mindfulness on Nurturing and Empathy
  • Mindfulness of Nature


• Improve concentration and focus
• Develop self-discipline and self-awareness
• Improve self-regulation, which assists in enhancing the learning process
• Reduce anxiety, worry and insomnia

Practice Being Present

Begin incorporating life-changing mindfulness and meditation practices into your daily life