How do I sign up for a Private Training Session?

Step 1: email to customize a time that fits your schedule.
Step 2: If you are already a existing student at LVY, proceed to sign up for the class we agreed upon in the email at momoyoga.
Step 3: If you are a NEW STUDENT at LVY, you will have to register online following the instructions on the Registration Page. You will then sign up for the class we agreed upon in the email at momoyoga.
Step 4: Payment is required before your Private Yoga Session. Payment is non-refundable. The session is non-transferable but may be rebooked for another time with 48 hours notice.
Step 5: The LVY studio is a cell phone free zone. Bring a journal to keep notes about your Private Training Session. Be advised that lessons are booked back to back, so timings must be adhered to.

Did you know that Lotus VIllage Yoga is a specialty trauma recovery studio?

If you are looking to reduce anxiety/depression, PTSD symptoms, chronic pain issues or any other mental health issues, private training is ideal. The environment is private, safe and confidential as you you grow your yoga practice. There will be no hands on adjustments, language is trauma informed and poses can be modified according to the student’s energy level.Private

Beginning at Lotus Village Yoga?

You can gain initial experience In a safe environment for beginners. A private training session with a certified yoga therapist will prepare you for any style of yoga that may interest you. Your first private training session will be 90 minutes. You will be introduced to the nature filled studio environment, prop usage if needed, possible pose modifications and an alignment assessment if needed.Private 

Would you feel more comfortable practicing in individual training rather than in a group class?

You will feel more comfortable and less self-conscious while building an individualized yoga program. Some people find private training more comfortable for them. With no one else around, you don’t have to feel self-conscious about being watched or worried that you won’t be able to keep up with the class.Private

Are you recovering from an injury or pre/post surgery?

You may require pose modifications or specific styles of yoga to prevent reinjury and promote healing long term. As your recovery progresses, your program will be updated to assist you in reengaging in your activities.Private

Do you have personal health and wellness goals and needs?

  • • Are you an athlete training for a race?
  • • Are you looking to build a daily meditation practice into your life?
  • • Are you looking to lose weight?
  • • Are you looking to strengthen your back?
  • •Are you looking to change your lifestyle?
        Private training will cultivate self-awareness and mindfulness into your consistent and daily routines to benefit your long term health


How often should I book Private Training Sessions?

Once a week – most effective – you receive fun homework to integrate into your life, and with consistent practice, when you return you will have success and we will build on that foundation. 
Biweekly – can be effective if you are keeping notes on your yoga classes or poses so we can add advancements.
Monthly – will be a question and answer session of one item that we could address and advance with for the month.