Workshops & Retreats

We run a variety of retreats and workshops throughout the year. From life-changing week-long retreats away from the studio for those looking for that special yoga experience, to day-long in-studio workshops covering specialized topics of interest to those expanding their practice.

2024 Workshop Series

Any of the Workshops below are available for private group bookings from 6 to 13 people.

NEW – Partners Yoga Introductory Workshop

Saturday February 10th 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

This workshop is great for beginners and seasoned yogis alike. Spend two hours being introduced to the fun connective experience of yoga on the same mat as your partner. Poses include double tree, lizard on a rock, and doorway pose.

Early bird price until 1st Feb $50 afterwards $65… for 2 people!

NEW – Mala Making and Mantra Workshop

Saturday February 24th 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Make your own personalized mala with beads and gemstones. Instructions and materials will be included. The mala will be paired with a mantra to strengthen your meditation practice for healing, health and wellness. Treats and tea will be included.

Early bird price until 12th Feb  $99 afterwards $114

NEW – Advanced Yoga Postures Workshop

Saturday March 9th 9:00  AM – 11:00 AM

Challenging yoga postures and breath will be taught with safety as the number one focus while you advance your yoga practice. Postures such as handstand/headstand, hand balancing poses, and advanced Pigeon pose will be taught step by step to each individual student.

Early bird price $50 until Mar 1st afterwards $65

NEW – Introduction to a Sound Bath

Thursday March 14th 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

  • Come to your mat. Lie down and relax while we provide: eye pillows, blankets and bolsters to create comfort so you can benefit from a sound experience. Listen to the live playing of wave drums, large and small singing bowls, chimes and rainsticks. This will create a symphony of sound therapy for your health.
    Benefits are:
  • alleviate anxiety/depression/PTSD symptoms
  • reduce chronic pain
  • improve sleep and digestion

Early bird price $35 until Mar 7th afterwards $50

Previous Years Retreats

Haida Gwaii Yoga Retreat & Cultural Experience

How it works: You provide your private group of between 10 and 12. We customize your retreat package with everything included: accommodations, meals, daily meditation and yoga practice, local guides, and cultural excursions.  In previous years, retreats have been conducted focusing on cultural discovery, incredible excursions, and mind-body rejuvenation in remarkable Haida Gwaii.