Yoga for Athletes

Reach your goals by increasing flexibility and balance, strengthening your core and developing greater stamina.


Yoga for Teams

  • Improve team morale and connectiveness
  • Increase team spirit and motivation
  • Develop specific yoga practices to prevent injury in sport
  •  Increase strength, flexibility and stamina
  • Enhance sport performance with effective cross-training
  • Excel in competition by developing focus and self-confidence, and reducing stress

Yoga for Teen Athletes

  • For active teenagers in a competitive sport aged 13 and up
  • An intense flow practice with challenging balancing poses designed to increase strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Manage stress, performance anxiety, mood swings and insomnia with a regular yoga practice
  • Focus on injury prevention through proper alignment and education on muscle structure and movements as well as how to repair and restore the body from repetitive motions characteristic to a specific sport
  • Promotes body awareness to empower and build confidence and resilience in competition

Yoga for Young Athletes

  • For youth in sport ages 10-13 years old
  • Promotes awareness and empowers youth to develop flexibility and strength to prevent injury
  • Gives specific tools and education on the body and movement
  • Supports dedication and self-confidence

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