Creativity with Malas & Mantras


Saturday March 2, 2019

12:30pm – 4:00pm

Meditating with your own personally made Mala and chanting a mantra can give you better attention, focus and enhanced self-awareness.

CREATIVITY continues…Professional jewellery designer, Barb Williams (Mindful Expression Jewellery), teams up with Tara again for a creative and fun afternoon making a gorgeous mala bracelet, learning the practice of chanting and how these traditions help reduce anxiety and strengthen your health!

Enjoy treats, tea and expand your meditation practice with a new Mantra challenge as a community. Invite a friend, expand your creativity, and enjoy strength as a group – chanting together sounds amazing! Gather, enjoy the flow of the moment and create.

Includes mala bracelet (matches your necklace if you came in December!) and yoga-themed earrings, 2 teachers, tea and treats.

Price only $75 + tax