Health & Wellness Fridays

April 5: Community Drum Circle

6:00pm – 7:30pm

Presented by Alex Mold, a 28 year old drummer, drum teacher, percussionist, songwriter, composer and lyricist originally from the UK.

Why a Drum Circle? Drumming is one of the most primal and instinctual things we as human beings have as a link to music. Everyone has rhythm, people tap their feet to music and do not realize it. It is a form of expression that needs no words, it can also relieve stress and tension.

Health Benefits: Research has shown that drumming can reduce Anxiety, Stress and can help control Chronic Pain. It has also been shown to boost the immune system and improve mental health. It is good exercise (you burn around 250 calories an hour). Drumming in a circle gives a sense of connection, it gives you a chance to express yourself and others the same chance to hear you and give you feedback.

April 12th: Indigenous Strength with the Land and the Connection to our Health

Presented by Laura Peterson, Masters Degree in Native Studies from UofA. Laura is a member of the K’omoks First Nation on Vancouver Island and also have ancestry from the Tahltan and Southern Carrier in northern BC. This talk explores the Lake One Trail in Wood Buffalo National Park, and its important ties to Indigenous culture, community, traditional foods.

Why this topic? Laura chose this topic because she is interested in strengthening people’s connection to the lands in the park, in facilitating the transfer of traditional knowledge and skills from elders to youth, and in encouraging the continued use of traditional trails, which link important sites for the harvesting of natural resources, but also those of spiritual, cultural and community value.