Health & Wellness Series Part 2


Tuesdays starting January 8, 2019

5:30pm – 6:45pm


Start the New Year off right by dedicating time to improve your health and wellness. This 2nd Health & Wellness series offered by Lotus Village continues the studies from the fall with a new topic for each of the 6 sessions.


Expand your comprehension of health and wellness as you learn something new each week accompanied by pragmatic approaches to implementing them in your daily life.


  • Mindfulness Part 2
  • Chakras – animals, mantras, visual meditations 
  • Mudras – ancient gestures that help manage stress
  • Vayus – advancing your practice 
  • Balancing poses to find presence 
  • To end: Advanced Ayurveda Assessment 


Focus this time on yourself and reduce your sickness, stress, and anxiety while improving your energy levels, focus, and self-love and attention.

$199 +tax