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We are open and classes are on! You can participate in three ways. Online and interactive. In-person – one on one yoga lessons. Park Yoga is ON! Check our class listings for times and details  


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Mind, Body, & Community

At Lotus Village Yoga family and friends are the culture. LVY is the perfect home to continue or get started on your yoga journey.

Welcome to LVY!

 We offer in-studio and live online classes simultaneously.  Join us for our regular class schedule live online or in-person!

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  • There are two options for each class in the Momoyoga registration system, one labelled “In-Studio” and one labelled “Online”
  • Click to register for the class you want. You will receive a confirmation email with more information for your class.

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Our Classes

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Hatha Yoga

A traditionally taught practice with pranayama, asana and svasana to begin and end the session. Discomfort rises as we sink into a posture for minimum of 5 breaths with a focus on proper alignment to prevent injury. 

Yin Yoga

Slower paced yoga practice with deep stretch and longer holds balanced with focused deep breathing. Benefits include better sleep and excellent support to balance out activities like cycling & running for injury prevention.

Therapeutic Yoga

Enjoy gentle poses using therapeutic props, supportive, and relaxing guided Yoga Nidra. Small slow movements in a modified range of motion. Excellent for trauma, chronic pain, injury, and stress management.

Yoga for Athletes

A specific class for cross training, stretching education on muscles, and a challenging flow yoga practice for athletes.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Learning regular and daily practices through structured classes to purposefully pay attention to the present moment/revitalizing health, reducing pain, and developing a healing practice.

About Us

Small Classes, Big Community

To ensure the best possible yoga experience, LVY caps all its classes at 13 students.  The low numbers mean you get more one-on-one time with your instructor, a tighter knit community, and a comfortable spacious yoga environment. 

Yoga for athletes

Better Athletes Through Yoga

Inner & outer strength is the secret to better performance for any athlete.  Yoga for Athletes is designed to give athletes of all levels increased strength, flexibility, balance, agility, plus the addition of training to stay in the “zone”. Deepening focus and concentration through mindfulness techniques.

Private Lessons Available

Personalized Instruction

Everyone has different personal goals in yoga.  A private session with LVY’s professional instructors will allow you to focus  on what you want, be it improving flexibility, mastering that challenging pose, or finding a deeper level of meditation.

Book a private session to help you reach your personal yoga goals.


What People Are Saying

“This is undoubtedly the best yoga experience I have ever had… I look forward to each session and the new studio is amazing!”

Grace Lindsay

Student, Lotus Village Yoga

“If you are looking for a Yoga studio that cares about your individual needs, I encourage you to visit this amazing community.”

Dale Ann Richards

Student, Lotus Village Yoga

“My first Yoga experience and I loved every minute of it.  Thank you for being you & doing what you do best.”

Mandi McDougall

Student, Lotus Village Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga

Gentle Healing

Gentle yoga practices  suited to all ages and abilities focused on relaxation and healing. Our therapeutic yoga sessions help manage stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, chronic pain, insomnia and physical illness.

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