Mala & Mantra Workshop

Saturday December 15, 2018

12:00pm – 3:30pm

Meditating with your own personally made Mala and chanting a mantra can give you better attention, focus and enhanced self-awareness.

Meditating with a mala helps calm the mind, regulate blood pressure, deepen the breath and gradually redirect focus of the mind away from daily worries and disturbances towards positive and spiritual thought patterns.

Join Tara as she takes you on a journey into this traditional yogic practice. Learn about the different energy behind each gemstone bead, what they mean, and what they invoke as you create your mala. 

Get inspired by the amazing resonance of chanting and begin a 40 day mantra challenge to calm your mind & bring forth positive energy.

Take home:

  • your own gemstone choices
  • a handout what each of the gemstones mean
  • a full lava bead mala & personalized mantra