Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga is a gentle practice suited to all ages or abilities to cultivate relaxation and promote healing.


Restorative Yoga

  • 5-6 poses on the floor using props foster total comfort to promote healing and relaxation
  • Modification of poses, alignment and movement awareness to reflect individual needs
  • Deeply relaxing practice to help you sleep better, restore energy and promote self-care
  • Enhance overall well-being

Therapeutic/Yoga Nidra

  • Focus on rejuvenation of the body and mind
  • Starting with a few, gentle poses using props to promote relaxation and healing
  • Ending with a reclined, supportive and relaxing Yoga Nidra (guided meditative body scan)
  • Excellent for trauma, chronic pain, injury, stress management

Back Care and Gentle Core Yoga

  • On the floor
  • Gentle flowing practice that strengthens the core which in turn supports the back
  • Movements are small, effective and connected with Radiant breath to ignite a relaxation
    response between each set of asana
  • Quiet mind and strengthening structure in the body
  • Ideal for individuals with scoliosis, sciatica and chronic back pain

Therapeutic Yoga: Shoulders, Neck & Hips

  • Traditional style to suit all levels
  • Focus on breath to strengthen the body
  • Mainly on the floor, gentle movements and modifications offered in every pose
  • Moving with awareness
  • Poses to help detoxify the major organs, improve flexibility and deepen concentration

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